THIS is the program you have been waiting for...

This is your chance to have 2 EXPERTS TO COACH YOU! 


We will help you to improve your health, fitness, figure and build your self esteem with a combination of workouts, nutrition and hypnotherapy in just 6 weeks.
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There limited spaces available for the next intake of incredible women READY to step up and change their lives inside and out. We will be working with:

  • Nutrition
  • ​Mindfulness
  • Group Workouts
  • ​1 on 1 Hypnosis
  • ​Delicious Recipes
  • ​Goal Setting
  • ​Community & Support

Does this sound familiar?

Covid lockdowns have left us all feeling a bit low and nervous about the future. We’ve put on weight from comfort eating, fridge picking and boredom snacking. When the gyms shut down it was hard to get any exercise and now it's hard to get motivated. 

Are you feeling low? Have you lost confidence in yourself? Wishing you had a way to feel good all over, in your body and your mind? Are you running out of energy and feeling lethargic? It’s time to find a new freedom of living during Covid 19...

Imagine if…

You didn’t need to go the gym to get fit and you felt like a million dollars inside and out by making some simple tweaks to your routine? What if you had access to training videos with a fitness expert of 30 years experience right inside your living room? 

What would it be like if you could learn how to detox your body and your mind at the same time?

Imagine living a life of holistic wellness, feeling vibrant, confident and enthusiastic about the future. Consider having a routine of self-hypnosis, mindfulness, movement and self love that nourished your body inside and out, one that you can do every day. Wouldn’t it be great if you had nutrition advice and daily recipes to ensure that you are eating the most nourishing food for your body and your mind. Feeling calmer, more relaxed, joyful and happy with your life.

Welcome to
The HypnoFitness Transformation
6 Week Accelerator Program!

Have you ever seen a program that gives you a Hypnotherapist and a Fitness Expert Coach at the same time? So you can target your body and your mind simultaneously to accelerate you towards your goal?

Sinead and Lindsey will hold your hand all the way to wellness! 

You will learn new ways of living, eating and exercising to transform your body and your mind. You can leave behind feelings of stress and emotional discomfort as you discover new ways of beating toxicity both mentally and physically.


Sinead (Clinical Hypnotherapist) helps you get to the ROOT of your problems in Hypnosis (1 on 1 weekly via Zoom) by accessing the subconscious mind and clearing out the old limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. 

Lindsey (Fitness Expert and Nutritionist) helps you to get FIT and HEALTHY by making changes to your diet, cleaning out the closet and training with you 4 times a week with group workouts online

 It is a fusion of personal training, hypnosis therapy, mindfulness and nutrition based tools to give you everything you need to FEEL GOOD! Watch as negativity fades in to the background. 

All your friends will be asking what your secret is!

Here’s What You Get 
During Your 6 Week Transformation...

   6 x 1 on 1 
Hypnotherapy Sessions 
(1 per week)

    24 x Weekly Fitness Workouts 
(4 per week)

  Access to Private Members Facebook Group

  Daily Motivational Emails & Texts To Keep You On Track

6 Week Nutrition Guidance Plan with Recipes

    Accountability & Fitness Reviews Weekly

1 x Weekly Group Coaching Call Live on FB

    Goal Setting Coaching

Detox The Body & The Mind

Set goals and smash them daily as you learn how to control your thoughts and reframe your negative beliefs with support of your two coaches

Track your progress with measurements and journaling, marvel at how quickly your mindset shifts to a positive outlook and the body gets fitter and healthier.

6 week nutrition guidance plan with ideas for nutritious and delicious recipes.

Connect 1 on 1 with your Hypnotherapist to work on your personal issues and leave you feeling confident and infinitely positive.

Discover the benefit of the mind muscle connection as you focus on building strength and toning your body

Embrace a new lifestyle as you learn how to plan your day, a routine focused around you and your overall wellbeing

Live positively with freedom of confidence and spirit as you set your intentions for the day

Change your brain and reform new positive neural pathways as you find the joy in daily gratitude practice.

Feel motivated and energised to get moving as you enjoy the amazing transformation of body and mind

Release yourself from old habits that no longer serve you and find freedom and fulfilment in new positive behaviours

BOOK BEFORE DEC 31st 2020...

And join the 6 week transformation accelerator program for just 
$1,499 AUD!

(Previously $1,999 AUD)



This is a limited time offer until Dec 2020, Jan 1st the price returns to $1,999 AUD



Bonus #1


Access to our best selling E-Book, The HypnoFitness Transformation 7 Days of Wellness. 

Bonus #2


Get the booty of your dreams and tone up your legs with Lindsey Blacks 7 days of Butt and Thigh workouts you can do in your own living room! No equipment needed. Time to get the sexy legs you’ve always dreamed of!

Bonus #3


Track your progress and keep a record of your amazing transformation with this beautiful free workbook!

Bonus #4 


Find inner peace and unconditional love yourself with these bonus meditations designed to increase your self worth, self esteem and joy.

Book Now Before Places Are Filled...
Invest in your Mind, Body and Soul in 2021.

This is a limited time offer only 12 spots available. 

Everything you get:

6 x 1 on 1  Hypnotherapy Sessions

 4 x Weekly Fitness Workouts 

Access to Private Members Facebook Group

Daily Motivational Emails & Texts To Keep You On Track

6 Week Nutrition Guidance Plan with Recipes

Accountability & Fitness Reviews Weekly

1 x Weekly Group Coaching Call Live on FB

Goal Setting Coaching

Detox The Body & The Mind

(Clincial Hypnotherapist and Transformation Coach)

The journey to wellness began when found myself at the peak of my ‘success’ 3 years ago. I was running a thriving, profitable company in Sydney Australia and it appeared on the outside as if I was a wildly prosperous, high achieving young woman living the life of her dreams in the sunshine, but sadly it was completely different story on the inside looking out. I suffered with extreme burn out, high functioning anxiety and depression. Every day was a struggle to wake up, to get out of bed, to show a smiling face to the world and my health was seriously deteriorating. It seemed as if the more ‘successful’ I became in terms of money, notoriety and power, the more trapped and unsatisfied I felt inside and ultimately the sicker I became.

My brand new day dawned when I discovered the power of Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming. As I learnt tools and techniques to reframe my thoughts and create positive shifts in my body and mind, I felt freedom rushing back to my soul. Lights of opportunity began to arise from the darkness and there was suddenly space where there had been none before, space to learn, space to grow and space to transform. I discovered scientific evidence in my studies revealing the connection between physical sickness and mental health. It was at that moment I realised that a life built in stress cannot be a healthy one. I have been through a deep radical transformation of the mind, body and soul using the therapies you see here at The Transformation Practice and now I want to share them with you!

I consider exercise to be one of the main secrets to beating anxiety, that’s why I have collaborated with Fitness Expert and all round AMAZING WOMAN Lindsey Black to bring you a hybrid of Hypnosis and Fitness. Your wellness journey is about to get accelerated so strap in! 

Can't wait to see you in the 6 week accelerator program. 

(Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach)

I’ve been passionate about health and fitness for as long as I can remember. With more than 30 years in the industry I’ve been able to develop a unique approach so that my clients are able to see results that are sustainable long term.

As a busy mother of three, I totally get that it can be tricky to fit exercise into your routine. I’m all about promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle, consistency and nutrition is absolutely the key to overall transformation. That’s why we have put together a mind, body, spirit package for you with a nutrition plan built in!

I can’t wait for you to start your journey to wellness, it all begins today when you book in and commit to yourself as a member of this 6 week transformation.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your fitness journey – we all have different starting points. With this in mind, you can your time with these workouts and do them at your own pace. You can start now by making a commitment to yourself – no matter what. 

You deserve happiness and to be well, inside and out.  We will have a call when you book in so I can assess your fitness level and have a chat with you about your needs over the 6 weeks. 

You won't feel alone in this program as you will be connected with other women on the same journey as you. It is truly amazing what 6 weeks can do when you really decide that YOU are READY for change. 

I can't wait to meet you. What are you waiting for? Book in now before spaces fill up. 
This is a limited time offer until spaces are filled, discount available until DEC 31 2020. 

Are YOU Right For This?

This 6 Week Transformation Accelerator Program is for you if…
  • ​You are tired of being unfit and unwell
  • ​You want to transform your body, tone up and burn excess fat
  • ​You want to learn how to treat your body and your mind as one
  • ​You're lacking motivation
  • ​You are looking for new nutritious recipes
  • ​You are interested in improving your fitness and health
  • ​You want to become more grounded and happy in your life
  • ​You want to improve your self esteem and boost your confidence
  • ​You are ready to set new goals for yourself and achieve them
  • ​You’re ready to embrace a new way of life, loving yourself completely
  • ​You want to find a quick and easy way to be happy again
  • ​You’re sick of gym memberships and fad diets

Why Now?

Because YOU'RE READY. 

In just 6 weeks you can feel fitter, happier, more confident and energised. You can transform your inner and outer world, feeling lighter in your mind and on the scales. You can have the life you want, the body you want and the mindset you want by using these simple techniques and we will hold your hand on the way.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is NOW.
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